Industry Leading Equipment

In such a rapidly evolving industry it's important to stay up to date with Industry leading equipment. That here's why we have chosen a Freefly Systems X8 as our heavy lifter, DJI Inspire Pro for our medium rig and the 3DR Solo for tight quarters and GoPro capabilities. No matter what the job is, we have the machine to get it done!

It's not only what's in the air that matters! Its equally important to be able to see what is happening in HD on the ground. This gives the pilot, camera man, and director the ability to make sure the shot is in focus and exactly what they want. For this we use a Connex HD Downlink and SmallHD Monitors.

We have a wide variety of camera choices to ensure you get the look you're searching for. From the stunning 4k of the GH4 to the full frame feel of the Canon 5d, we've got you covered. The best part is if you have a camera of your own you'd like to use, we can do that too! Contact us for details