Say goodbye to shaky handheld footage

Over the past few years steadycam's have rapidly evolved from purely mechanical devices to an unprecedented digital stabilizing systems. Industry leader, Freefly systems released the MOVI in 2014 which changed how we thought of camera movement. 

Since then, MOVI's have been used anywhere from Hollywood movies to NFL games. The MOVI is portable, has a quick setup time and adapts to many camera/lens combinations allowing us to make sure the clients gets the look they want. 

Incorporating the MIMIC into our handheld equipment gives the camera operator natural limitless control. What does the MIMIC do? 

  • Mimics every movement from the MIMIC to the MOVI while watching through a HD Monitor
  • Allows freedom to move the camera on all 3 axis (tilt/pan/roll)
  • Ease of use allowing unexperienced operators to nail the shot every time
  • Can get uniquely dynamic moving shots
  • Still don't understand? Watch above

We also use a MOVI M5 stabilizer on our Cinestar 8 for its incredibly precise stability while airborne and a dual operator setup allowing camera operation from a separate transmitter on the ground. Using an HD Wireless downlink we're able to check focus and control the camera as if we were right there beside it. The best part is after we land we could have the MOVI setup for handheld mode in minutes. It has proven to be incredibly useful to have two tools one.