Welcome to the BEO blog

Hello my fellow blog readers and thanks for checking out the Birds Eye Optics blog!

I've decided to include this blog for a number of reasons. I realize that my situation (no pun intended) is different than most people in this industry because I'm a quadriplegic. Being a quad adds different obstacles of what it takes to operate drones safely, efficiently, yet equally as professional as anyone else out there. Over the past few years I've tried many different platforms and slowly figured out what adaptations work best for me. I'm a drone advocate to the highest extent and therefor would like to influence others with or without disabilities to try this industry. That being said, it's important to be safe and smart about where and when you fly. Don't be 'that guy' who ends up on the news doing something stupid!

I started hearing about drones from fellow photographers about four years ago.  I had been pursuing a career in adventure photography when I had a mountain bike accident in 2009 breaking my C4-6 vertebra. "This was not part of the plan," I thought to myself but fast forward 6 years and I'm starting to think differently. 

Drones (as the media calls them) have changed everything for me. My mobility was almost entirely stripped away from me but drones gave it back. Having the ability to be creative and see an entirely new perspective from a birds eye view has given me the ability to be just as active in the film realm as I was prior to my accident.... or possibly more. 

On that day in November 2009 when I was laying in the dirt unable to move anything I remember saying, "The one thing I have to get back is my index finger because I'm going to be a photographer someday." I may have said a few other things too but we'll keep those out of the blog for now... haha. As it turns out though, I never regained the use of my index finger but the dream of being an adventure photographer is still coming true. 

So cheers to 'adventure' photography in whichever form it may exist and stay tuned for more post to follow.

Keep on keeping' on